The Bucket List

Watching time go by at the Astronomical Clock. Prague, The Czech Republic; November 2011

Since I first deflowered my passport in 2011, I’ve traveled to three different continents, dozens of new cities, made countless foreign friends, and consequently tripled the number of items on my bucket list. It seems that with every new adventure comes the realization that there’s even more eat, see, do, and accomplish (the ‘eat’ being of highest importance). My trips abroad always illuminate how much of the U.S. and NYC I still have to explore, and the little discoveries I make in my own neighborhood make me wonder what hidden gems I might have missed in Paris or Istanbul. Alas, travelers are never satisfied!

But the proverbial “they” say that if you don’t know where you’re going, then you’ll never get there. So even though life continues to surprise me with opportunities I never imagined, it always helps to have an idea of what might be coming next.

With that in mind, here’s my travel bucket list in no particular order, and on no particular timeline:


  • Live in a foreign country for at least one year.
  • See the Northern Lights in Iceland.
  • Take a solo vacation.  (May 2013)
  • Go on an African safari.
  • Go scuba diving.
  • Drink wine under La Tour Eiffel. (August 2011)
  • Party in Las Vegas.
  • Visit Ernest Hemingway’s old apartment in Paris.
  • Become fluent in another language (currently working on my French and Turkish.)
  • Get a tattoo in a country where I don’t speak the native language (it’ll be small, Mom!)
  • Celebrate Oktoberfest in Munich.
  • Watch the New Year’s Eve fireworks from the top of the Space Needle in Seattle. (January 1st, 2013)
  • Date someone who is from/lives in a different country.
  • Learn to surf in Australia.
  • Learn to ski, anywhere.
  • Take a trip down the Yangtze River in China.
  • Hike China’s Great Wall (while I’m at it.)
  • Visit the U.N. building in Geneva, Switzerland. (October 2011)
  • Furnish an apartment with nothing but flea market/thrift store steals.
  • Eat something that sounds and/or looks absolutely disgusting.
  • Eat a real Philly Cheese Steak in Philadelphia. (April 2013)
  • Write a book of poems dedicated to one specific country or group of people.
  • Watch a ballet performance at the Gran Teatro de la Habana in Cuba.
  • Have a real pen pal abroad (as in, actually write letters instead of just befriending on Facebook.)
  • Swim with dolphins!
  • Go on a European cruise.
  • Visit Claude Monet’s home in Giverny, France.  (September 2011)
  •  DSCN1397
  • Climb the cliffs of Étretat in northern France. (August 2011)
  •  DSCN1483
  • Talk to a celebrity on the streets of NYC.
  • Stay in a Japanese “capsule hotel.” (Not sure what I’m talking about? See here.)
  • Attend the Baalbek International Festival in Lebanon.


  • Zagreb, Croatia
  • Houston, Texas (go big or go home!)
  • Portland, Oregon
  • Portland, Maine (October 2013)
  • DSC_0131
  • Istanbul, Turkey (May 2013)
  • Picture 34
  • Vienna, Austria (December 2011)
  • Vienna horse carriage
  • Cairo, Egypt
  • Washington, D.C. (August 2013)
  • Brussels, Belgium (November 2011)
  • Picture 32
  • Seoul, South Korea (September 2013)
  • Beijing, China
  • Budapest, Hungary (December 2011)
  • Prague, Czech Republic (December 2011)
  • Bangkok, Thailand
  • Alaska
  • Mont Saint-Michel, Normandy, France (August 2011)
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Bali, Indonesia
  • Brazil
  • Montreal, Canada (July 2013)
  • Picture 31
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Nicaragua
  • Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • Montenegro
  • Berlin, Germany (November 2011)
  • 319117_10150374237217113_211894289_n
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Greece
  • Barcelona, Spain (October 2011)
  • This pretty much symbolizes my entire experience in Barcelona.
  • Moscow, Russia
  • Belize
  • Bhutan
  • Marrakech, Morocco
  • Lisbon, Portugal
  • Bratislava, Slovakia

You can also view a digital pin-map of the places I’ve visited on MapFling, and for full reviews of my adventures, check the Lucy Bird homepage!