Inside Lucy Bird’s Closet


My love affair with affordable fashion, funky accessories, and kitschy souvenirs is obvious to anyone who meets me. I’m the girl with two rings on every finger, a wrist full of handmade bracelets, and heels so high that I’m constantly threatening to topple over. My closet is color-coordinated, and I have a handbag for every occassion. The nose piercing from my wild teenage years still makes guest appearances every month or so, and my hair color changes with the seasons. I’m a chameleon, constantly changing my appearance to adapt to my surroundings. Perhaps that’s why I love to travel.

My obsessive need to collect wearable mementos means I’m frequently perusing flea markets, bargaining down prices in bazaars, and digging through bins and barrels on my travels, in search of my next style steal. I believe that exploring the fashion trends of a different culture is simply another way of understanding what makes it unique–and in the process, enhancing your own inimitable style.

As a result of this thinking, my everyday wear is a smörgasbord of styles, juxtaposed with pieces bought from all over the world; like yesterday, when I paired a three-dollar sweater bought at the Salvation Army in NYC’s Hells Kitchen with a patterned skirt I found at a tiny boutique along Istanbul’s İstiklâl Caddesi, which I further accessorized with a few bangles from Barcelona, and some leather ankle boots from Paris. Don’t believe me? Here’s a peek inside the rest of my wardrobe:

Inside Lucy Bird’s Closet:

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If you love hunting fashion as much as I do, then follow my Wandergear and International Fashion boards on Pinterest, which feature clothes, shoes, jewelry, trinkets, baubles, and even home decor items that inspire me to continue changing outfits, outlooks, and locales.


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  1. WOW! Haha, I’m usually a huge slob (except when I’m traveling- I like to look casual but VERY presentable because I’m representing my country 😉 ). But looking at all your awesome outfits, I’m inspired too!! My mum will be eternally grateful to you if I start taking the effort to look half decent once in a while 😉

    • Haha I’m glad I could inspire you! I tend to get antsy when things in my life become too monotonous and predictable, and the result is usually a complete overhaul of my look, or a spontaneous trip across the country.

      However, I will admit that I’m not ALWAYS this put together. This collection of photos was taken over the course of a year for a fashion blog I used to run, so these aren’t necessarily representative of my everyday wear, just the best of my everyday wear 🙂 I definitely think comfort and practicality override style when traveling, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun to experiment with new looks or own a few crazy pairs of heels!

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